Mistletoe and Mohair Stocking
Worsted weight Lily Pad, Burgundy, Distant Maple and White.

Bring On Winter!

Folks in the latest Ravelry KAL are completing their Ribbed Sweater Jackets. Shown here is one double knit with Grasshopper worsted weight and Picnic Rock DK by Lisa from Maine.

Lisa wearing her sweater

Is this the first in a new maternity line from Peace Fleece?

Astoundingly Lisa whipped up this sweater in no time even though she is mother to 3 awesome little kids and is expecting her 4th this winter. "I've never knit a sweater so fast," says Lisa, " it kept me up at night begging me to finish, so I think I’ll sleep well now that it’s done. Very cozy and very warm, even in the cold wind!









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