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After making some exceptionally beautiful knitted items from our new Cashgora yarn, the Maine based "R&R Spinners" all sent letters and photos to the Tajik women who spun the yarn they used. The Tajik women responded. Here is one of the exchanges - it had to be translated back and forth between English and Russian or Tajik. You can read more by going to this Ravelry forum thread.

Alda ReynoldsMy name is Alda Reynolds, I'm a 80 year old retired senior citizen who enjoys meeting with the group known as R and R Spinners.  I have learned a lot about fiber and spinning it into yarn since joining this group a few years ago.  I learned to knit when I was 20 years old, a nice Danish lady taught me when I lived in Alaska.  Through the years I have knitted hats, mittens, socks, baby sweaters, etc. for my family. I really enjoy knitting and just recently finished my very first sweater using the yarn spun from two fleeces my younger sister sent me.  She is a rancher in Colorado and my fleeces were mohair goat and Shetland sheep.  I was pleased with accomplishing this, considering the rather late start I've had in the art of spinning.
The cashgora yarn I knitted was spun by Gulsara.  It was wonderfully soft and lovely as I knitted a cloche style hat on #7 US circular needles.  I found out that my metal needles were slippery with the soft yarn and next time I'll use bamboo or wooden needles.  I just prefer them to the metal ones but the pattern called for what I had in my possession.  I enjoyed being a part of this project and admire the women of Tajikistan who have become shepherdesses and spinners. It's not as easy as it looks I've discovered. 
GulsaraMy name is Gulsara. I am 44 years old, married, and have 1 son and 5 daughters. We live in small village  We have a small garden where we plant potatoes and wheat. Also we have 18 goats. I spin the goat  fleeces into yarn, I color them, and knit Pamiry socks. I sell the socks to buy food, and sometimes cloths for my kids. My husband is jobless. Sometimes he goes to neighboring  countries, mostly to Russia where he does odd jobs, and isn't paid good wages.   I received your message and I was so happy to know that you liked the yarn I made. I have been sick for some time, and my husband doesn't want me to work. But after receiving your message and seeing the lovely hat you made I was so inspired to get back to the project, and continue my work as soon as I feel better. I hope that you will continue to work with us, and we will make a wonderful team together. Next time I will try to send you my picture with my family and show you how I spin.

In January 2016 four women from Tajikistan arrived in the United States, a few blocks from Times Square no less. They came to learn about the American yarn market at the Vogue Knitting Show. Oigul, Tuluikhon, Jonnamo and Shahlo are hand spinners and produce beautifully even, soft and luxurious yarn made from the Cashgora goats that they raise and comb the down fleece from.

We are pleased to offer their Cashgora yarn to you now. 70% of the proceeds will go back to the project which pays the women a fair wage.

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Cashgora Cowl knit by Maureen O'Doogan

Cashgora Cowl knit by Maureen O'Doogan








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