Wholesale Ordering Info

Interested in selling Peace Fleece in your shop? Please click on the links below to take a look at the Customer Info sheet and Credit Request. Fill these out and email (info@peacefleece.com), snail mail (Harrisville Designs, Inc. PO Box 806 Harrisville, NH 03450) or fax (603-827-3335) them back to us. We’ll send you the terms and an update on your approval status. Once approved, you’ll be able to purchase as a wholesaler online. If interested in Net- 30, ordering will still need to be done over the phone or via email for the time being.

If you’ve been a Peace Fleece wholesale customer in the past, you will continue to have wholesale status, but you do need to create a new sign in, and notify us when you do and we’ll switch over your status. We also do need the customer info sheet and credit request if you plan on staying at Net-30.

Please email or call with any questions, info@peacefleece.com, 1-800-482-2841. Thank you!

Customer Info Credit Request