Sheplova Mushroom

Harriet's Jacket made by Elizabeth McCarten

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Mushrooms in Sheplova

Sheplova Mushroom

Approx. 4 oz. worsted weight skein, 200 yds

Price: $12.60


Rustic, vintage red. A very autumnal color named after a wonderful man who gave Marty mushrooms in Sheplova Village, Russia.

This yarn is made with 75% Navajo Rambouillet and Domestic Fine wool, and 25% Mohair for strength. The mohair will give your finished piece a nice halo. Please note: Dyelots may vary in color, if you're trying to match skeins, please let us know. Handwash in lukewarm water and lay flat to dry. Peace Fleece softens and fluffs with continued washings.