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Return of an Old Friend

Written by Carolee Young, Friday Harbor, Washington, April 16, 2003

In 1987 I first heard of your Peace Fleece operation. Having spent my childhood on Vinalhaven, I was attracted doubly: sheep, yarn, knitting, Maine, island, peaceful partnerships with "enemies." These were all parts of my life, too, and I contacted you. We even spoke on the phone, as I remember. I was taking a year off from my nurse-practitioner career, living on an island in Washington (where I now live, retired) and working in a yarn store for the sheer pleasure of it. I persuaded the owner of the shop to stock peace fleece and loved telling people about it.

We donated a kit of yours to the Island Medical Center auction; I knit the sweater for the winner (a non-knitter) who was pleased. I had completely forgotten the whole incident (I have forgotten so many sweaters I have made; I am surprised when I see one from years ago.)

Last week a woman called me, said the shop owner (Julie,same woman as 1987) gave her my name and number. She had a couple of sweaters to be repaired and Julie doesn't like to do such, and thought perhaps I would. So I did.

The sweater to be repaired was the very same Peace Fleece Cardigan; I still had the leftover yarn in my bins! It has been worn long and hard, obviously a favorite garment. I lies now stretched back into shape and drying. My hands enjoyed the rebirthing of this sweater. Nothing like restoring one's faith in the enduring stuff, right?

So I looked up Peace Fleece online this morning...and here you are, still waging peace with others. Hooray for you, for them. I had to tell you this story to reconnect properly. I have an independent knitting business: Mona Fleeca. I may want to order yarn from you soon. So glad to know you are still in business!

Yours in Peace, Carolee Young, Friday Harbor, Washinton.